Madison Bowden-Parry

I'm Madi, a behavioural ecologist (MSc), otter biologist, science communicator, community conservationist and marine photographer from South Wales.

My experience is a mix of academic research, biodiversity restoration, citizen science, community engagement and communications, project management and events/campaign coordination. I also have vast experience in community conservation and system- and behaviour-change for nature conservation.


With an interest and background in behavioural ecology, I am interested in how individuals interact with their environment and in particular, how human activity and changing environmental conditions are impacting species resilience and behaviour. However, this fascination with understanding how non-human animals interact with their environment, particularly a changing one, gave me the foundational skills to pursue interdisciplinary work, combing both the natural and social sciences to understand how we can work with communities, using an holistic approach, to tackle the biodiversity and climate crisis and thus benefit both people and wildlife. Consequently, I am interested in understanding how we can create sustainable and resilient communities, particularly those of coastal places through NbS, community organising, interdisciplinary collaborative work and innovative solutions.


I work directly in science communication, citizen science and environmental outreach. 



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"I am a conservationist with an optimistic and solution-based approach. I enjoy collaborative work that champions change for nature, combines natural and social sciences and innovative solutions"



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