Scientist, community conservationist, marine photographer and science communicator 

Madi has over 6 years experience in the marine science, conservation, education and outreach, communications and media sector. Having worked with some of the best BBC and National Geographic marine photographers and shark scientists, including Amos Nauchom and Kyle McBurnie, Madi has travelled the world building connections, skills, stories and incredible wildlife encounters along the way.

With a MSc in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology from the University of Exeter and an BA (Hons) in Marine and Natural History Photography from Falmouth University, Madi uses her scientific background to inform her work, journalling, capturing and detailing important stories of wildlife and our oceans.

Madi is passionate about blue carbon ecosystems, restoration and multidisciplinary research. Having worked within community-based conservation, Madi has seen first hand how marine and coastal habitats affect communities, (socially and economically) and just how important social systems are within conservation and restoration efforts.

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Research experience

Madi has worked across the globe leading and assiting on scientific research with globally recognised research organisations. She has worked under Dr. Stephanie King in Australia (Dolphin Alliance Project) and the Tethys Research Institute in Greece, acquiring hundreds of boat hours and RA experience. She is also a published academic author, alongside Dr. Neeltje Boogert and Erik Postma at the University of Exeter, publishing her Master's research in the Open Access journal, PeerJ.

As a passionate science communicator, Madi has experience presenting her work at conferences, including the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Easter Conference in York (2019) and in author blogs for journals and Universities. These include: PeerJ author blog and the 'Graduate in Focus' blog for the Centre for Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeter.


Research skills

Madi's research skills are interdisciplinary, bridging natural and social sciences.

Literature review and historical qualitative research (historical reference, social representations and public perceptions of sharks - undergraduate dissertation)

Quantitative research (behavioural and experimental studies, inclu. video scoring - Master's thesis)

Passive acoustic monitoring (towed hydrophone arrays; deplyoment and use)


PADI Divemaster (inclu. Skin Diver)

RYA Powerboat Level 2

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

R Studio (GLMMs)

Capture-recapture (photo-ID)

Community-based conservation and social-ecological systems framework (SES)

The secret lives of blennies

Science communications, media and storytelling

Madi has vast experience in marine communications and digital media. She has worked and learnt from some of the best marine photographers and filmmakers across the globe, award-winning marketing teams and has featured with ITV Wales News, Apeks and Aqualung, Scuba Diver Mag, Wales Online and more.


Media skills

Marine/wildlife communications and outreach (local governmental positions)

Marine education (marine biologist/guide, school programme development)

UW and topside filmmaker

Marine and conservation photography

Conservation copywriting 

Adobe Creative Cloud + Express

Social media expert (strategy, content analytics with award-winning Marketing team wildlife NGO)

Wildlife presenting