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Here are some of the projects Madi has been involved with.

Image by David Vig

Sustainable Mumbles Urban Green Spaces (SMUGS)

Madi wrote and secured a £39,900 #Natur Heritage Lottery project with her local community council, with the aim to create the first community-led undesignated Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in the local coastal community. With this project, Madi developed a strategy that aimed to bridge the gap between the social and ecological objectives of applied conservation, utilising the community-based conservation approach. This project is now being delivered by the delivery officer.

Plastic Free Mumbles

Madi founded Plastic Free Mumbles as part of the Surfers Against Sewage's national Plastic Free Communities campaign in 2019. This community-led project aims to establish a Plastic Free Status in Mumbles (population ca. 16,000) and has featured with Surfers Against Sewage as one of their top communities in the UK.

Plastic Free Mumbles
Image by Annie Spratt

Mumbles WILD verges

Madison passed a policy motion within her community and city council to implement a three year, wildflower verge project. This project saw the generation of over 40m2 of native, wildflower turf across a variety of roadside sites, that incorporated a sustainable mowing approach and no pesticides use.

Apeks Diving

Madi has a long-term, future partnership with Apeks, a brand portfolio of Aqua Lung (the largest and longest running diving manufacturer, developed by Jacques Cousteau). Here, she will work on company digital media, product copywriting, business sustainability strategies and conservation storytelling.

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